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PCI offers a wide variety of products: sacks, bags of all sizes, sheets, wraps, polyethylene shrink wraps in various sizes and thickness for the following materials:
·         Printed bags and sheets, in socket 8 color process or 8 colors Flexo
·         Laminated bags plain or printed, up to 8 colors
·         Laminated zip lock bags, LDPE, plain or printed, up to 8 colors
·         Deep freeze bags including non slip strip
·         Heat resistant bags
·         Smooth surface and rough surface bags, in various grades
·         Specialty bags such as UVA, anti statics, anti slip in a wide variety of colors
·         Perforated sacks and sheets, in singles, LDPE, MDPE, sun resistant shrink wraps with / without UVA in sizes starting at 10 cm wide and up to 16 m. wide
·         Surface covers, domes, sleeves, sheets and wraps from perforated shrink, both in rolls and in singles
·         Rolls and bags with single or double heat seals (plastic welding)